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A new era in talent acquisition

Traditional recruiting methods aren’t cutting it anymore

Mobile applications, passive job search and employer branding are defining a new era in talent acquisition.

And yet, many still rely on outdated recruiting channels, even though it results in increased cost per hire.

What you should do instead:

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    Target candidates through social media marketing.

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    Pre-screen potential applicants automatically in just two minutes using a conversion and mobile-optimized clickflow.

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    Forward all applications directly to your tool of choice.

Recruiters reduce their cost per hire by 54% on average when launching new social recruiting campaigns with Heyflow.

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Building recruiting funnels with Heyflow

Hit the ground running with templates

Get started in minutes with our expert-built templates that are optimized for the ideal candidate experience. Customize designs to match your corporate identity to strengthen your employer brand. No coding required.Automate your pre-screening process with Heyflow’s conditional logic to increase the quality of your candidate pipeline.


Sync responses with your favorite applicant tracking system

Connect Heyflow with best-in-class applicant tracking systems like Cornerstone or Personio via Zapier or use our native integrations like Facebook Conversions API or Google Tag Manager to optimize campaign performance with ease.Automatically send customized follow-up emails to your candidates with Heyflow’s built in Response Replies feature.


Get a bird’s-eye view of your pipeline with built-in dashboards

Get direct insights on conversion rates, heatmaps and learn where candidates drop-off with your Heyflow analytics dashboard. Advanced filters let you manage applicant responses with just a few clicks so you can keep your focus on high-potential candidates.


We take data security seriously

Heyflows servers are located exclusively in the EU, most of them in Germany. You can easily and automatically delete your users data from our servers with the Heyflow Sensitive Tag. This way you are always on the safe side. Our integrated Cookie Consent Manager ensures that your flow is compliant with GDPR guidelines with just one click and saves you the purchase of additional tools.

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Get started with the most successful social recruiting templates

Express Application

Give applicants the chance to apply to you in less than 90 seconds — it's easy with this template!

Experience Application

Impress potential candidates with your employer brand — with just a few clicks, this template is tailored to your corporate design.

Why recruiters love working with Heyflow

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“With Heyflow, we’re able to create clickflows in days instead of months — adjusted to our needs.”

Johannes Roggendorf, Founder
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Six reasons why

Six reasons why

Heyflow is the perfect solution to supercharge your

social recruiting campaigns

Dynamic response emails with personalized content, branded with your design

Conditional logic pre-qualifies responses for you

Go beyond forms — design entire landing pages with Heyflow

Don’t let your users wait for your pitch! With Heyflow you see Mobile Page Speed Scores over 90

Personal flow reviews with our Heyflow experts and best in class tech support to set you up for success

No code required unless you want it — CSS and JavaScript supported

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